All shall be well,

and all shall be well,

and all manner of things shall be well.

– Julian of Norwich

The problems of the last few weeks knocked me to my knees. Earthquakes, I can handle. The life-sucking forces of bureaucracy? They get me every time. August brought letters and phone calls from the Dept. of Social Services, the IRS and the student loan people, all needing forms and other paperwork filled out, collected, filed and mailed. Add to that, my auto insurance and propane were scheduled to be cut off due to lack of payment – not from lack of funds, exactly, but from lack of time to deal with the ever-growing stack of bills. I’d wake up every day with a dizzying list of Things To Do and go to bed restless from All Remaining Undone. I should recognize the resultant feelings of complete loserdom as a side effect to taking on so much – and I should remember, things always work out. But when I’m in the thick of it, all I can see is the flashing neon “FAILURE” sign over my head.

A couple weeks pass, though, and bit by bit, one problem gets solved (or at least delayed!) and then another. I still have a stack of bills. I still have some issues to work out with various governmental bodies. I need to set Nick up for blood work and his GI endoscopy. I have a list too long to post of things needing to be done for KSLG, for the Eye, for the house. The kids go back to school Tuesday. I’m having a bunch of people over today. The pace of my life continues unabated. But the tide of despair has receded for the moment. (Oh, that is such a corny line. I should follow it with what? “And the seashells of hope glisten on the sands of optimism!” heehee.)

All will be well. Every little thing is gonna be all right. Yeah.