Nick’s coming home today (!) ending what has been an unusual week of quiet. With Nick away and Chelsea housesitting for friends over the weekend, only Kaylee was around. Wow, is having one kid easy. No wonder people with only one kid can get so much done. Everything takes far less time – cooking, cleaning, laundry, playing, driving to commitments. Still, the nights felt lonely. K wouldn’t even sleep upstairs, not wanting to be the only one up there. She stayed on the futon in the living room, feeling safer closer to Mom and Dad. I was a total scaredy cat as a kid about the dark, so I don’t blame her a bit. When you’re used to having four other people around (or two other kids upstairs), the calm that’s so pleasant during the day turns ominous at night.

The other reason for the low pressure week: I’m on vacation from KSLG. We’d planned to leave town, visit some family near Modesto, but Kaylee’s All-Star tournament has interfered. While seeing the relatives would be nice, I’m relieved we won’t be going into that horrible heat – and having some low-obligation time at home is oh-so-lovely. Yesterday I took a bike ride. I surfed. I worked in the yard. I took Kaylee to softball practice. I washed the car. (OK, I drove through the car wash.) I drug the girls and dog to the beach. I cleaned the house. I caught up on some emails. Sure, I probably have more plans than I’ll be able to accomplish, but right now, this sure feels good. (The small paycheck will hurt some, but this time, I’ll take the trade off.)

This will be our last week of softball. Despite Redwood Empire’s crushing of the first two teams and likelihood of winning the district championship, we’re not going on. They might, but Kaylee has camps to attend. And no one, and I do mean no one, wants to go to Chico.