I mean, it’s just girls.

I’ve complained. I’ve asked nicely. Very, very occasionally one of the local papers sends a photographer out to the softball fields for a photo. Meanwhile, year after year, the boys’ baseball playoffs gets daily, detailed coverage.

Six years of watching softball (and four of watching baseball), with all the same inherent qualities and thrills as baseball, and so very little acknowledgment of the accomplishments happening on those fields. There is nothing left to do but to write it up myself – now if only I can find the time for that. And writing for whom? This is not the Eye’s territory, so do I offer to the T-S? The ER? Perhaps the Journal? Too weird.

But damn, these girls work hard, walk away bruised from playing so tough, and still come back swinging. I’ve seen plays that have brought tears to my eyes (granted, I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff). I’ve watched timid, scared players afraid to swing the bat develop a taste for the game that has them smiling and knocking it to the outfield by the end of the season.

I love this stuff. It just doesn’t seem like to much to ask the papers to capture a bit of it as well.