So given the nature of my life (chaos and obligation), of course I can’t do everything I would like to do (who can?) the way I’d like to do it (wouldn’t that be nice); I get down and need to spew, but damn, I worked my ass off for years to be where I am (poor and living in a small town?) and would not have life any other way.

Pregnant at 19, four years of living with my mother-in-law, decades of financial crisis, a half-dozen demoralizing jobs, no college degree and yet somehow I have kids I like and who generally stay out of trouble (and outside of Nick’s diabetes, are hella healthy, a blessing the worth of which cannot be overstated), a husband with whom I’m about to celebrate 15 years of marriage (19 of togetherness) with, not one but two cool jobs (who needs to make city salaries when you’re having this much fun?), and a great house at the beach. At the beach – talk about a dream come true. Plus a network of kind, intelligent, fun people to hang out with, folks who look out for my kids. Even my pets are great (lucky for them – no high maintenance animals would last around here).

Watched Nick’s baseball game today. Some people think baseball is too slow – fine, they can have their basketball, soccer, football, but I love watching baseball games. Nick got a good hit today, too. He’s needed one; this has been a challenging season and his batting’s been off. But today he smacked a solid base hit. The rest of the world fell away as he raced to first base. Beautiful.

Great baseball/young person overcoming great odds and experiencing personal triumph story in the T-S today, too. Sometimes Botkin gets purple in his writing, but he just as often captures the passion intrinsic in these games, no matter how minor league they may be. He does this story real well.