Quick surf at Camel while the girls rode horses in Westhaven. Classically beautiful, sunny day. The sand bar continues to hold up, as does the crowd – although for a sunny Saturday morning at low tide, the crowd wasn’t so bad. Maybe 40 people out, and I was able to park right away. Most of the waves rolled in about chest-to-head-high, with the occasional overhead set slingshotting off the rock. I did not catch one of those, but I did make several small waves. On what was going to be my last one, I slipped – what a dork! – so after confirming I had 15 more minutes, I paddled back out, only this time over by Wash Rock, figuring I’d just catch a little insider rather than take my turn in the line-up. From this vantage point, I watch surfer after surfer ride down the peeling waves toward me, Malibu-style, like lines of poetry. A big grin and small wave later, I took my leave.