The appointment progressed smoothly. The Department of Social Services no longer has upside-down umbrellas for decor nor do they have posters admonishing welfare folks to “Get a Job or Else!” (OK, so I paraphrase.)

I’d forgotten some of the paperwork, but dropped off all but one item yesterday. Friends said Healthy Families, the next step up, is a good program. I am somewhat at ease. although waiting for final approval.

Nick is supposed to have more bloodwork to test for gluten allergies, a common side issue with diabetics. I refuse to humor that idea lest I start thinking about all the foods that I will no longer be able to make for my son. (Plenty of gluten-free everything on the market these days, I know, but I just can’t take much more meal planning.) (I will do what I have to do, of course.) Meanwhile, I read How to Think Like a Pancreas and pep talk myself into better mothering.