Not much to report today: in order to have the rack and panniers put on the bike, I drove. I felt guilty, but I want the panniers so I don’t have to use a backpack. Besides, this is supposed to be an experiment on how realistic commuting by bicycle (and bus) is for the average working person. Not that I’m exactly an “average” working person, not with the jobs I have, but I do have enough commitments to make this project something most people can relate to. I hope.

Interviewed Jack today. He did good radio: bright and informative without (despite his blog moniker) rambling. I interviewed Jennifer Berman yesterday about the General Plan hearing in the supervisors chambers Thursday night and the need to advocate for infrastructure supporting alternatives to driving.

Really tired today, despite the lack of biking.

In non-biking news, Nick’s doing well still, maintaining good blood sugar levels and excited about baseball – and he won his class contest to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi (it’s Pi Day, 3/14, today). K’s planning out her birthday (13!!!) and Chelsea just about killed me by bringing home a puppy. After I freaked out, she called the girl who had brought the puppies to school in order to get rid of them and said she had to take him back, but the situation was awful. I love animals. I would happily have a second dog – if someone besides me was willing to take care of said creature. But adding a puppy would be a nightmare. Still, the little thing seemed sweet, all black and small and snuggly. I didn’t go very close to him, as my heart and head already conflicted with each other. Oh, it was awful! I’m so very mad at Chelsea for putting my in the position of having to be the bad guy. To her credit, she was calm and understanding and sorry. But I feel so wounded, almost irrationally so. I wish I wasn’t as tired as I am; I wish I could write in a way that would show my feelings about this, make sense of them.