I have 29 items on my to-do list today:


wake up

make breakfast
make lunches
kids to school
deposit paycheck
buy groceries
e-mail K about staying with her in SF
call my brother to tell him we’ll be in SF
***buy Kaylee breeches for horseback riding!
take trash out
bring recycling bins back to side deck
vacuum old Honda because it’s so totally icky
call K about conference this weekend; we can’t go due to base-/softball tryouts
surf? (it’s 7 at 11 after a week-and-a-half of too big)
deliver all the bags of clothes to the freebox because I keep tripping over them

fill out time card – hopefully it’s not too late
(In a shocking move of spacing out, I forgot to turn in my hours.)
drop Monday and Tuesday ’cause I’ll be in SF with Nick
e-mail folks about the global warming project (need a name for this)
call Justin at Revolution to see what’s up with my bike
generally kick ass

finish sorting e-mail and responding to those that need it
write up story on last night’s Sierra Club global warming event
send K Nation material
***e-mail the art women!
process Shaky Hands photos
advance on page layout

Still working on the Eye stuff. I didn’t surf – I went to HealthSPORT this morning because I didn’t think I could both surf the Jetty and make it to KSLG on time. I thought I’d surf in the afternoon, but when I arrived home, Nick wasn’t feeling well and I had so much work to do… this is why I should surf in the mornings. If I let life pile up throughout the day, the surf ends up not happening. Nick’s OK, though, just tired, not low.

I only surfed once in February. But I’m not freaking out. Not exactly. I have faith that the pendulum is swinging back. At least I’ll be ready and in better shape. Bobby and I are going to try and hit Camel Rock tomorrow – failing that, I’ll make another afternoon attempt at the Jetty while I can.

I have a long, full 60 hours to get through before the SF trip: Chelsea’s Beachcomber art show; horseback riding lessons; baseball and softball tryouts; rowing the bay Sunday morning; deadline; packing. That’s in addition to the usual neverending cook-laundry-run errands cycle. I’d planned on going out Saturday night to the show at the Alibi, but I’d forgotten I promised to take part in the Humboldt Rowers’ thing. I’m sure it’ll be fun after the fact, but oh… I’m tired just looking at all this.

Outside of the general sadness over Nick having diabetes, I’m looking forward to the time with him and the time away from all other responsibilities.