Monday found me exhausted from deadline, but thrilled at the new look of the paper. In a happy turn of events, a friend treated me to dinner and drinks at Plaza Grill. I started reading The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar. I need another book to read aloud to the family – if I can corral everyone into one place for long enough chunks of time.

Tuesday involved both covering the Shaky Hands show at the Jambalaya and this crisp, fine pear vodka. The vodka was not the reason the band was so good, but I admit it added another layer of pleasure to the evening. The band! They were great. Sadly, only 20 or so people witnessed this; the band played as if to a crowd 10 times the size. I love the kind of pop-rock-garage punk they did – a perfect semi-local opening band would be The Blue Dot – especially when the sound is loose, but the playing is supertight. Really, really fun. I hope they come back. I told MD the show was one of my 10 favorite, so now I need to make a list of the other nine. Took a step class that incorporated a few Latin dance moves.

Wednesday, The Ravens played on KSLG. Setting up stressed me out – what plugs in where? will people complain about the volume? – but I’ve always wanted to have them on, so all the complications proved worth it. (Matt, the drummer is one of the best and also one of the loudest) Watching them play in the studio, Melissa’s voice and the guys’ music reverberating through my headphones… that was something. Perhaps if I’d starting writing after coffee, I would have more better words to describe. Listening to the recording after though provoked a less enthused reaction – no pun intended, but the recording didn’t sound as good as what went out over the air, which is a bummer for me and for the band, who drove away excited to hear themselves. I may be able to correct the situation, though, depending on how good the other recording (which I think is closer to the on-air sound) sounds. This would be less confusing if I actually knew what I was talking about.

Thursday morning, I rode in with MD so we could discuss how I could do better radio, a conversation that’s about as much fun as the dentist explaining why you really should floss more – all while he’s got your mouth propped wide open and is looming over you with that particularly sharp hooked tool. At least my teeth are clean now.

Thursday night, I drug the whole family out to the global warming event. The Humboldt Area Foundation was packed with people wanting to know more about global warming and what could be done; the Sierra Club delivered in the form of two speakers and a dozen-plus tables. A bit drier than I’d hoped, but at least we went. Nick snacked his way into high blood sugar, so Bobby had him and Kaylee run circles around the HAF building. We corrected with insulin and a proper dinner (well, toast and salad) when back at home.

Friday, I went to HealthSPORT early, then stayed late at KSLG to make up for missing next Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday, we – the family – ran amuk. Too many commitments in the morning, but Kaylee and I did get some yard work done. I met up with friends at Casa Blanca for M’s annual birthday dinner. Spinach enchiladas and margaritas tradicional – yum. Followed that by meeting Bobby, Nick and Kaylee for Arts Alive! (Chelsea was off with friends). I spent too much money – blame it on the tequila. Overall, a fun day, but stressful. What I wanted to do – surf, have some quiet time with the family – didn’t happen. Given the stunningly beautiful day, I was especially depressed about what I wasn’t able to do, although everything we did do was good stuff, so complaining seems silly.

Sunday morning, Bobby and I fulfilled a commitment I’d made to the Humboldt Bay Rowing Association (read: a friend recruited me into this) and spent from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m rowing the bay. Really beautiful and fun, but I was stressed from being on deadline and also knowing that I was missing what was likely a really fun surf – the kind of day I’ve been waiting for, for weeks). Certainly being out on the glassy bay, in the sun, admiring the herons perched on the pilings, surrounded by happy rowing people was a fine second.

This is easy (albeit time-consuming), this summing up of my life into “things I did today.” What is harder is pinning down the meaning behind the busy-ness, the feelings underneath the interactions, the disconnect between what I’m doing at times and where I want to be, the constant itch that I don’t do enough – that I don’t do enough well.

But the telling should come with the showing. So, one word at a time, I guess I’ll figure it out.