Nick’s blood sugar average is definitely higher. Not high, but higher. I lucked into an appointment next week (Note: need Monday and Tuesday off KSLG)(Note, con’t: Be extra stellar this week so they don’t think they made a mistake hiring a woman with kid obligations). UCSF hosts a diabetes conference this week. I’d like to go, but the kids have baseball and softball tryouts happening, plus Bobby has Arts Alive! and I agreed to be part of a Sunday morning rowing event several weeks ago. If I’d known about the conference before, I’d have blocked the weekend out for that, but now the commitments have piled up.

I did sign Nick up for diabetes camp this week. The camp runs in the summer and is solely for kids with diabetes, has doctors on staff, counselors with diabetes, etc. Should be a great experience for him and a relief for us knowing he’s somewhere people know what to do in any situation that might arise. He’ll still do Lost Coast Camp, too, of course – knowing he can, albeit with some extra self-awareness and attentiveness, is so important. That will be harder for Bobby and I, though, because giving someone with no experience a list of “What to do if” is somewhat like crossing your fingers and hoping everything’ll turn out OK. Not that I even know if the folks at LCC have experience with this as I haven’t talked to them yet – odds are they have. Still, Petrolia’s far away.

That’s a summer worry, though. Right now, I have more immediate concerns. Global warming. School lunches. Struggling friends to whom I can offer little more than a sympathetic ear and how sad that makes me. The box of clothes I should take to the MCC freebox. How to get my car serviced before the end of the week for the SF trip. Stocking up on disaster supplies. Convincing my husband that yes, we absolutely need a 4WD for the sole purpose of increasing our (my) Jetty opportunities. (From worrying about the world to plotting to fulfill my own needs? I do see some irony there.) And, oh yeah, that private blog I’m supposed to start so I can share my novel in progress with my artist women friends.

Or sleep. I should sleep.