Quick follow up on my last post: When I realized I’d inadvertently tossed all my work away, I thought I might throw up. That’s how bad the situation was, especially in light of the new deadline – Sunday at midnight – we were under since switching printers.

Having a lie-down on the highway sounded like a tempting alternative to recreating three entire pages. But K remained calm, and T had faith, and so I faced up to the fact that I haven’t failed to provide a Scene section yet despite all the varied challenging circumstances that have come our way.

So I buckled down and did it. Almost made deadline, too – but I didn’t have all the right settings and so had to resend the pages a few times. Luckily Tim at WW was quite helpful and understanding.

And seeing the paper this morning… Oh, the Scene color page is fantastic! It’s not like feeding the hungry or fighting for social justice, but still, we’re adding a little bit of fun and style while documenting our corner of the world. That’s got to count for something.