Hung my 2007 surf calendar (1 day so far) and tallied 2006.

80 sessions.
Pathetic. That’s the least I’ve surfed since 2002, when I started. No wonder I’m taking so long to get better.
My goal each year is to surf at least half the days – 183 times. I’ve come close, but never made it, what with the shifting sandbars, huge winters and other life commitments. But maybe 2007 will be the year of dramatic improvement. One can hope.

(And yes, from another perspective, the fact that I found 80 chances to surf last year evidences the relative cushness of my life. Not forgetting that. That said, the fact is, one must aspire to actually do the things one is passionate about. Surf. Write. Parent. Otherwise one’s not really a surfer/writer/mother/etc. – don’t you think?)