A glass of red wine, another episode of The Sopranos (on DVD) and a toasty fire? I should be sacked out, resting up for tomorrow’s work demands.

Oh, that’s right – I’m blogging to assure anyone (everyone) reading this that, in fact, I love being on the air at KSLG and have no plans to burn out any time soon. I am also quite pleased that I successfully accomplished (is “successfully accomplished” a redundant phrase?) several technological feats that I had not previously done solo. I even figured out how to lay a music bed off the computer instead of the CD player while recording in the air booth (shhhh.. not that we ever do that) and I think John Matthews may have been just the slightest bit impressed.

Yes, the additional hours are a lot, but because of pressures outside KSLG, not within. Taking the job has just forced me to a place where I need to deal with certain parts of my life that I was letting slide – which is a good thing. (Am I the only person who’s as lazy as I am ambitious?) And, I was getting bored. I’m not now.

I am enjoying the quiet at home tonight. Bobby and Nick are off in San Francisco. They had a safe drive and a productive doctor’s visit. I am happy. I must say yet again how brave and good Nick is, how he’s dealing with all the diabetes demands with a maturity and acceptance that still amazes me. What a great guy. I love him so much. I’m glad he and Bobby are having some man-time together, too. Nick and I get along quite well, but I’m not as amused by the fart jokes. (That’s what men do during man-time, right? And drink beer? But Nick’s a little young – and a little diabetic – for the beer part.)

Getting the girls and myself where we needed to go (home, for example) took a bit of work, what with the car in the shop again, but thanks to JM and Lila, all was accomplished. Black bean stew and fresh cornbread for dinner, some laundry done, the aforementioned wine and video and cozy fire – a good day indeed. I’ll sleep well.

I am wishing I had a way to Camel Rock tomorrow to catch some of the dropping NW swell, but so far, no luck. Things are looking promising – if the wind turns as predicted – for a bit of surf off the spit on Thursday, though. Anything for a wave at this point – I’m itching to take the Taylor out, but need some practice before I’m worthy. It’s a slick board, tapered and glossy and serious. I love to run my hands along the rails and dream.