In order to comply with FCC regulations and University policy this notice is to inform Jennifer Savage of the occurrence of an FCC infraction on Jennifer’s Garden, April 25, 2005. The details of the infraction are on record at the KHSU Office. Jennifer Savage is now placed on a 12 show probationary period. Jennifer has agreed to present her playlist to the Program Director, Katie Whiteside before her show airs for the next 12 shows. Katie, Beth and Jennifer will meet in the near future to discuss the issue. KHSU highly values Jennifer’s contribution to the station.


I got busted! KHSU put me on probation!

The following conversation with the Juanita Family aired on my last KHSU show:

Me: “How’s the show [at the Alibi] go last night?”
Lana: “It was great… Thanks to… [local band] Que La Chinga who played with us… Can you say that?”
Me: “Um, sort of.”
Lana: “Sorry, not to offend any Spanish-speaking listeners… let’s change the subject…”

“Que La Chinga” did not go over so well with station management.


This playlist before the show is going to be a pain.